It’s been one hell of a year and the online world has become really busy, so it’s more important than ever that you’re showing up consistently and standing out to your ideal client.

You may have seen recently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing women in business to help spread their story online.

Kate Park from @twicefired was featured in @wldispatch after appearing in our new online magazine, @sparkleupnorth and tells me she’s had lots of people getting in touch since we shared her story.

Well, @thesparklecoach and I wanted to take that one step further and use our skills and experience to help even more female entrepreneurs raise the profile of their business in the press, on social media and online.

The brand new, Sparkle Up North membership will provide PR training, advice from experts and, more importantly, a supportive community to help you find the confidence to share your story with as many people as possible.

It’s time to get your business seen by more people, who wants to know more?

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