Top 100 digital enterprise companies in 2022

Top 100 digital enterprise companies in 2022 

With a rise in digital companies, a report has been done by Digital Enterprise on the top 100 most digital enterprise companies.  

One hundred of the most digitally transformational, resilient and innovative businesses in the Leeds City Region have been recognised in this year’s Digital Enterprise TOP 100 report, which has been announced following a highly competitive campaign.  

Suzanne Bradbury from Digital Enterprise said: “The quality of entries was extremely high, it was a challenge to pick the top 100”. 

Here are the top 100 digital enterprise companies. 

  1. 9xb- ecommerce without Limits – This is an award winning e-commerce company that builds and supports ecommerce websites.
  1. Abeceder  H2R combines both face to face HR support with a digital HR employment solution that can help manage each aspect of employer employee management correctly.
  1.  Advancery- This is an award-winning independent IT business which provides dynamic IT services and cloud-based solutions to all businesses throughout the UK.
  1. Aeroservices – Aeroservices fulfil a wide range of requirements of clients. It’s a established and preferred distributor of Aviation Spares, Components,  Lubricants and Consumables to MOD forces.
  1.  Alpha Card- Their Z-fold Card and infinity Folding Cards bridge the printed and digital worlds by using cross-media technology such as: QR Codes, RFID, NFC and AR (Augmented Reality) to deliver versatility.
  1. Amalida- They are a property management agency with over 17 years experience. Takes hassle out of property management, with quick systems, transparent fixed fees and no nasty surprises.
  1. Anthropods – A design and manufacturing enterprise which provides unique and sustainable accommodation solutions. They’re based in N Yorkshire, they combine contemporary product design with computerised production techniques and sustainable materials.
  1. Arkline – Legal agents who specialise in tracing services and  process serving.  They have a specialised in-house tracing team and a field force who operate nationally.
  1.  Ascensor – Award-winning digital transformation agency which help clients to harness  power of digital. It was established in 2007, and can provide data driven software development which include websites, web apps and native apps.
  1. Assured Marketing – Involved in campaigns across industries such as: events, telecommunications, healthcare and many more. It has specialised in areas of marketing from digital channels to brand management.
  1. AVIE- contemporary, luxury slow fashion label dedicated to creating elevated and stylish clothes floor desk to dinner versatility.
  1. Bishopsound- design and manufacture audio equipment, which deliver the unique and clear British sound we’re renowned for, and Yorkshire is birthplace of some of the most respected British sound manufacturers.
  1. Bow.Gifts- Masterminds the correct gifts for businesses who want to invest their budget into staff, clients and prospects. Strengthens business relationships through cleverly combining the right combination of innovative and unexpected products for clients. Bow.Gifts

14) Candle Digital- Help training providers take expertise online. With consultancy, design and development services , it helps trainers develop online academies, learning hubs and digital learning to grow revenues.

15) CCTV Direct – Main focus is on the customer. At frontline of industry, researching new solutions and regularly developing portfolio of products, in this fast-paced technology sector. 

16) CFA Tax- Qualified Tax advisors and offer advice on most efficient ways to deal with your tax. They aim to spare you from financial headaches, and free up your time by offering a comprehensive service for your taxes.

17) Clevershot- 

18) Cooperative Innovations – 

19) Creative Marketing Solutions – Long, established full-service marketing agency offering branding, logos, brand management, web design , coding, hosting, optimising and upgrading, SEO/PPC, PR, social media marketing, paid social media advertising, video, photography and print.

20) Creative Thinking Media –

21) Danny Thompson photography- Commercial brand photographer. Works as a integral part of businesses capturing pro images from staff headshots to products and events, helps businesses develop brand photography,  keeping imagery consistent.

22) My Leadership Strengths – 

23) Yorkshire Payments 

24) Direct voice and Data

25) Distant Future

26) Doc Abode

27) Eat Out roundabout 

28) Everon Switcher On IT

29) Expense Plus 

30) Experience Heritage

31) Family Fund Services  

32) Flat Stan first aid 

33) Flowing Events 

34) Glean 

35) Good O Food

36) Evri 

37) Howard Conrad

38) Incline Labs 

39) JCAAC 

40) JS IG

41) Kreativeinagency 

42) Lextra Learning 

43) Lofthouse security 

44) Lowe Maintenance 

45) Made By studio 

46) Modo25

47) Mouldsandco

48) Mycloud Media 

49) Nautilus Education 

50) Network Scientific

51) Northern Media 

52) Orchard House solutions 

53) Piccalilly 

54) Power Mark 

55) Propel your product 

56) Rainbow Trout films 

57)  Red Tronic 

58) Reel Film 


60) Rob Beadle

61) Sales Star

62) Semper Fli

63) Shoo Social Media 

64) Bubul expert 

65) Skills Forge 

66) Social Progress 

67) SOS Marketing 

68) Sparkle Communicaions 

69) Sticky To

70) Ikoustic 

71) Strength and conditioning education

72) Study Linlks 

73) SuccessEmy

74) synap 

75) Tailor made media 

76) The Link training 

77) Time Tele

78) Time outdoors 

79) Translate UK

80) Ultra Accountancy 

81) Underwood training 

82) Vapour Cloud 

83) Visible thoughts 

84)  Dry eye and Me 

85) Volta compliance 

86) Wetherby Business Centre 

87) English with an expert 

88) Wildfire 

89) Wise owls Learning

90) yes school 

10 worthy of special recognition 

91) Power Sheds

92) Maxton Designs

93) National Safety Inspections

94) 6B Digital

95) Coptrz

96) NGC Networks

97) Jorvik Group

98) White label loyalty

99) Untha

100) Dempseydyer



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