– A former special needs teacher who became housebound when experiencing a mental breakdown has created an online group, The Calm Mind Community, to stop others feeling alone and isolated.

– Methley-based mother Abi Fenton, 38, left her job as teacher to become a holistic healer and now runs Reiki group sessions, as well as one to one sessions to help her clients feel confident to get back into society.

– Reiki Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reflexologist Abi shares tips and advice as well as her own personal story and struggles within The Calm Mind Community online group to help improve mental health for everyone.

– Abi also fundraises every year for the Leeds Mind charity. This year she is facing her fears and jumping out of a plane.

– Mum-of-two Abi has gone from “struggling to manage with my own mental health to supporting others to heal.”

– Abi is running a FREE mini course throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

Leeds mum is on a mission to improve mental health for everyone.

A former special needs teacher who became housebound when experiencing a mental breakdown has created a safe space, The Calm Mind Community online, for people to feel part of a group of like minded people to reduce isolation.

Methley-based mother Abi Fenton, 38, left her job as teacher to become a holistic healer and to help others build up their confidence to feel less isolated and more connected with others and society.

When suffering with Mental Health problems people become isolated due to a negative mindset stopping them from having the confidence to be out in a variety of situations.

People may express that they feel ‘nobody wants me’, ‘I am not important to anyone’, ‘it feels safer to be alone’ or ‘I feel isolated and trapped within myself’.

This fear or panic about what others think about us can affect our work, social and personal life. Anxiety and Depression can also make us feel isolate and disconnected within our own mind, body and soul.

Leeds Mum-of-two Abi, wants to help others after her own recovery journey from “struggling to manage with my own mental health to supporting others to heal.”

The Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & IEMT practitioner, Reiki Healer and Reflexologist chose to train in complementary therapies after being off work with suspected chronic fatigue.

Abi said: “I was off work as a teacher for a very long time, trapped within my own home when I initially was very ill, breathless, dizzy and I couldn’t leave the house.

“But all checks came back negative but when I questioned Anxiety, they said it could be, so I didn’t have chronic fatigue, they just gave me that title as they didn’t know what else was wrong.”

Her condition turned out to be health anxiety, a surging mental illness across the UK as a result of the Pandemic.

Abi said: ”A lot of my clients often come to see me and have no confidence or belief in themselves which makes them very isolated from society and within themselves. They avoid situations or make up excuse to not have to attend events, or their anxiety and panic have so much control over them they feel they wouldn’t be able to cope out in the world.

One of Abi’s clients expressed how “it helped me get out of my own head and focus on what is going on around me. It gave me confidence, I don’t doubt myself as much so I’m not stuck inside my own head feeling lonely.’’

Abi added: “I have also noticed a large increase of clients coming to see me due to the pandemic and they have said they may have always had some anxiety or stress but the pandemic has heightened this and that it is now affecting their life and they are seeking support.”

We can reduce loneliness by connecting with ourselves, others and the world around us, explained Abi.

Abi often finds with the majority of her clients that they have lost that connection with who they are, so she does a lot of work on self belief, self worth, self love and confidence which then influences how they engage with others and the world too.

Abi said: “I didn’t know how to support myself with my mental health, back in 2010 when I had my breakdown and turning point moment.

“But through taking a holistic approach to my wellbeing and with the right support I was able to recover and use my experience to support others.”

She has since retrained as a complementary therapist and set up her own business in Methley, Leeds as well as working online and creating The Calm Community Facebook group.

Often people think they are the only ones also suffering or feeling this way. But one of the members of The Calm Mind Community said: “You often get in the mindset of thinking you’re the only one struggling with something, and then in the group someone will say ‘me too’ and that really helps, to know it’s not just you!’’

Recently Abi has started Group Reiki sessions to allow like minded people to come together and share healing. People in the group said that ‘’I really like the group reiki it’s lovely to chat to like minded people and make potential new friends.’’

She now wants to raise awareness, and share her own journey to help Leeds Mind, a charity close to her heart.

Abi who has a treatment and therapy room at home in West Yorkshire, Leeds said: “I wanted to challenge myself this year with my sky dive because more than ever we need to support everyone with their mental health and Mind do such vital work.

“I have always feared heights and I remember as a child an awful event when I clung to the sides of a building due to fear. With all the therapies I have trained in I am now much better with heights, however I do know I will be using some self hypnosis and other healing in preparation to the jump.’’

To donate, go to:

Abi’s passionate about supporting as many people with their Mental Health as possible so she has created a FREE mini course that runs throughout Mental Health Awareness week in a private Facebook group to teach people how to reconnect, realign and rebalance within to help with isolation and other symptoms of Mental Health.

Sign up to the FREE mini course via this link to support your Mental Health during the week of 9th May and reduce loneliness.

Or for more information and to book a treatment, go to:

You can also find Abi Fenton on Social Media at:

5 TIPS to not feeling isolated this Month.

● Embrace in the things that you enjoy, get creative and share with others. Maybe even look to see if there are groups or communities online or in person that share similar interests to you?

● Connect with your emotions, journal, talk to friends or family or even a therapist. Reflect and accept that all emotions are valid.

● Love who you are, we are all unique let’s celebrate all your wonderful qualities.

● Use nature to try and reconnect with yourself.

● Treat yourself to a little gift, it doesn’t have to be anything big (it can be as small as 5 mins to sit and have a cuppa or a bath), but this helps you feel worthy.

Remember that you are not alone in this, there are many people in the world who feel the same as you.

There are also people who care about you and want to help and support you through these times, accept that support there is no shame in accepting help.

Life is a learning journey.


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