SAY YES TO TESS: Yorkshire grit on show at Leeds Playhouse

Say Yes To Tess, a hilarious and uplifting new musical based on a true story of activism, Yorkshire grit and learning to vote for yourself co-directed by Tess Seddon and Harry Blake.

Inspired by theatre-maker Tess Seddon’s real-life experiences in the world of UK politics as a Yorkshire Party candidate, this entertaining and accessible musical is for those who don’t think politics is for them. It follows the 30-year-old Labour voter’s return from London to Leeds to try and win back her boyfriend. Temping at a call centre and trying to survive a frosty house-share, she feels lost and lonely until she meets the Yorkshire Party and is inspired to stand in the 2017 General Election as a candidate for Leeds North East.

Thrust into the spotlight, Tess takes the Yorkshire Party’s passion for people, park & rides and devolution to the streets, finding friends in unlikely places. But with the General Election growing closer, she starts to question whether she’s doing the right thing.

Here Corinna @connectwakefield shares her view:

I was over the moon to get tickets for the Musical “Say Yes to Tess” at Leeds Playhouse on Friday night.

Written by and starring Tess Seddon, who was an accidental Yorkshire Party candidate in the 2016 General Election.

As someone who finds politics overwhelming, the show spoke to me.

Tess had moved back up to Yorkshire from London for work, and somehow found herself at a meeting for the Yorkshire Party (whose branding was all in Comic Sans!)

After much persuasion and encouragement, Tess went from feeling hopeless and thinking there was no point in trying to do anything in such a messed up political system, to realising the most hopeful thing people can do is actually take part, and ended up campaigning for Yorkshire to break away from Government in London.

Her campaign resonated with a lot of people and she realised that change really does start at a grass roots level.

Despite the cast only containing five members, there were multiple characters portrayed, from the staunch Labour-voting dad, to the grumpy apathetic housemate, to the erotic-novel writing, cat cardigan-wearer.

The songs were a joy and we couldn’t help but hum them with a chuckle as we enjoyed a few drinks after the performance.

This is a real feel-good show, and a great night out, whether you’re political or not!

Say Yes to Tess opens at Leeds Playhouse before transferring to Camden People’s Theatre in London.

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