We all know that we should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to stay well and boost immunity, but with our already hectic lives, most of us find this a challenge. 

Fortunately, two entrepreneurs are on a mission to make feeling healthy affordable at a cost of £1 per day and attainable with their pioneering immune-boosting products, 7immune. 

Sam Ahmed said:

“I loved my career working with Premiership footballers and Boxers,  I have been always passionate about sport, nutrition, and our health. 

“But sports pros have the money and team to stay as healthy as possible and watch everything they consume. But for the everyday person, it can be really challenging.

“I learned a lot from my time working with professional athletes, but I knew that the everyday person needed help urgently,” said Sam together with Rassam have spent the past 3 years working on his immune-boosting products.  

“A friend introduced me to a chef who came up with the idea of an immune-boosting ice cube. While it was revolutionary, all the ingredients were 100 percent natural and pure. 

It’s not about profit for me and Rassam it’s about supporting people to be the best version of themselves.” 

Dad of Two Sam thanks his humble roots of being born in Birmingham and bred in innercity Toxteth, Liverpool, for inspiring him to help the wider public, supporting them to feel like “world champions.” 

Rassam and Sam knew they wanted to create a recipe that was all plant-based and with only pure ingredients, which is when 7immune was born. Consisting of seven ingredients: Valencia Orange, Soursop, Pineapple Core, Ginger, Ginseng, Arrowroot, and Turmeric.

While his costs were high, he wanted to ensure the products were affordable so he needed investment to create them on a larger scale. 

It was then he asked childhood friend  Rassam Muslah, to invest. 

Dad-of-four Rassam also born in Liverpool and grew up in Toxteth said: “I was sceptical at first although I trusted Sam, so I tried a sample. 

“Within a week I had to go back I wanted to be apart of this exciting new project  even though there so so much work still to do.

The pair then ensured the product went through 8 months of vigourous lab testing and implemented the right procedures to get a consumable product off the ground. 

Sam said: “I had been helping some incredible boxers and footballers achieve their peak, I put the same effort into managing the ingredients of this product. It was all about precision.”

Then when the Pandemic hit Sam and Rassam knew it was time to really try to help those on the ground. 

7immune launched the world’s first immune-boosting ice cube, their signature product with the help of celebrity endorsements, the cubes made a noise online and it became so popular that Rassam and Sam offered a subscription model too. 

7immune is a blend of 7 natural, organic ingredients that have been specifically selected and prepared to maximise potency, allowing all nutrients to focus on your immune system and help your body function at its peak.

Sam said: “People were raving about us on Trustpilot and any initial scepticism was quashed”.

Rassam said “You can certainly taste all the ingredients as it’s all plant-based and jam packed with antioxidants.” 

After their global online launch proving popular, Rassam and Sam who have both stayed living in the area they grew up in, wanted to make sure they were re-investing their success into the local community too. 

“We regularly donate bottles of 7immune with the ice cube trays to the local care home. And we continuously raise money for Cash for Kids.” 

Not ones to get complacent however, as Sam and Rassam have since launched a 7immune tea and Grab & Go brownie range as well as setting their sights on more products combining their essential ingredients. 

But it was their signature ice cubes that caught the attention of the popular Shankly Hotel in Liverpool City Centre. 

The Shankly which is a tribute to footballer and manager Bill Shankly, leading Sam back to his pro sport roots. 

He said: “They approached us having heard and tried our ice cubes, to design a hangover station for guests in the hotel foyer. 

“We know the ice cubes are much better for you and can help cure hangovers instantly – we’ve research and tested the product on a number of people and had amazing feedback.

7immune not only can support the immunity of hungover revellers or those struggling to get their five a day, it can help anyone.

Rassam said: “As two avid gym-goers we know how hard it is to fuel up on something healthy when you’re on-the-go, so we are launching 7immune in gym vending machines too.” 

Now with a strong throng of fans behind the products, Rassam and Sam are looking forward to rolling new punches with a range of other products which are in the pipeline.

For more, information, go to: follow @7immune

Key Facts:

  • Sam Ahmed who managed premiership professional footballers together with Rassam Musleh property developer/ Retail sector, have created a product worthy of the limelight.
  • Liverpudlian entrepreneurs Rassam Musleh 43 and Sam Ahmed 45 both directors and founders have a range of transformational immune-boosting products called 7immune.
  • 7immune is a blend of 7 natural, organic ingredients that have been specifically selected and prepared to maximise potency, allowing all nutrients to focus on your immune system and help your body function at its peak.
  • From immune ice, the world’s first immune-boosting ice cube to tea and now Brownies.
  • Childhood friends Rassam Musleh and Sam Ahmed launched 7immune at the start of the first Lockdown.
  • The philanthropic pair of entrepreneurs donate their products to some care homes across Liverpool as well as raise money for Cash For Kids.

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