Collaborate don’t compete: The power of local businesses uniting

For too long we have been fed business advice that talks primarily about beating competition rather than focusing on what the customer wants. And nowadays we are witnessing a rise of conscious consumerism where people want to shop locally and as ethically as possible. 

A simple solution to serving audiences who also have little time is with such collaborative models. Not only are they a great way for new, independent, and small businesses to prosper and boost the local economy but they have a fabulous array of goods on offer for buyers who want to do good and shop local but have little time.

CASE STUDY: The Ridings Shopping Centre, Our Sparkle HQ

Whether you’re searching for a handmade gift for a special occasion, a bespoke item, or furniture, or perhaps you’re hungry for a sweet treat… some of the best places to shop local are at the new hubbubs of independent businesses. Marketplaces, where local makers, producers, and creatives sell their goods, offer some incredible finds. From Made and Found’s trendy Yorkshire-themed memorabilia and gifts, Created in Yorkshire’s artistic offerings and Wakefield Antiques Centres quirky historical goods from local sellers to delicious donuts and bakes at Arrowfresh, there is a range of unique goods on offer at The Ridings Shopping Centre.

Not to mention their regular markets and events which bring more yet local suppliers and talented professionals together under one roof.

Here’s a lowdown of what’s on offer 


Local crafters and artists share the space to showcase their creations, so items change on a regular basis.

Official stockist of Frenchic paint.


  • Arrowfresh: Arrow Fresh, opened their first on the mall kiosk, outside of Leeds at The Ridings, selling delicious Yorkshire-baked goodies such as Doh-boy Donuts. 


There’s also a wide range of independents, charity shops, and ethical goods on offer throughout The Ridings Shopping Centre. Read what’s on at and go to

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