Mrs Hinch, Kon Mari, and many other decluttering gurus hit the spotlight during the Pandemic when it seemed like most people were using this time with their 2.4 families to spring clean and bake sourdough bread. But what about those who found themselves hoarding, cluttering up their homes, and feeling overwhelmed by cleaning? 

“Many people were left alone at home and our home reflects how we feel. 

“Many people didn’t have the same motivation to sort their house as when they were hosting guests,” explained Rachel Smith who runs Clutter is the Enemy. 

Rachel doesn’t just declutter someone’s living space but their mind too. 

Wakefield-based Rachel, 45, pivoted her career during Lockdown when people needed her to support their mental wellbeing. 

Here she took part in our Sparkle Start-Up Series: 

“Your home is a direct representation of your mind.

“Your home should be your happy place.

“My mission is to make people happier, one room at a time.”

Why did you set up your enterprise: I was made redundant during Covid and took it as a now or never moment. I realised that there were a few gaps in the market that I could fill but my real driver is to make people happier by improving their home environment.

How did you get into your enterprise? I’ve always been interested in houses and interior design and when I was made redundant I took the opportunity with both hands to do something I love.

Do you have any challenges in your business? Yes, there are several. Because the services I provide are not widely known about, I’ve had to educate the public as to their existence. One group of clients that I work with often suffer from mental health problems and are liable to cancel appointments at the last minute.

What has been the most challenging thing about Covid for your business? I am lucky as I have been able to work throughout the last year and a half. People have been spending so much time at home that they are more likely to ask for help to improve their home environment. The most challenging thing has been that my original business plan was centred around Home Staging, but that all fell off when the market went even crazier at the beginning of 2021. As demand far outstripped supply, estate agents were able to sell any property for over the asking price without even trying.

What’s it like being a social entrepreneur? I don’t really regard myself as a social entrepreneur but I do work with a housing charity to prevent people from being evicted. I’m looking into what funding I can get so that I can help the most at risk. I also want to raise awareness for people who live in dire situations at home and raise awareness of the ways that your home affects your mental health and vice versa.

What drives you? Inspires / motivates/ excites you?

I always thought my main driver was to make people’s homes nicer but it is in fact to make people happier one room at a time, no matter what their budget/story/mental and physical health status. Everyone deserves to live with dignity and have a home that is a sanctuary.

What do you hope for the future? 

My hope for the future is to carry on the conversation about our homes and our mental health; to introduce colour into people’s lives; to help people get the most out of their spaces so that they have a positive impact on our mental health and our relationships.

Find out more:

FB – @clutteristheenemy

IG – @clutter_is_the_enemy

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