A trip to Mongolia that saw a Yorkshire woman fall in love with yurts inspired her to set up her own sustainable enterprise hiring out yurts here in the UK. 

Becky McClure, 31 from Leeds is co-founder of North Sky Yurts Ltd which is a female-founded, eco-conscious yurt and bell tent hire company based in Leeds covering Yorkshire. ‘They create magical spaces for events that don’t cost the earth.’

Here Becca shares her sustainable start-up story… 

Why did you set up your enterprise?  

We set up North Sky Yurts to change our lifestyle to spend more time outdoors, be creative and bring smiles to people’s faces. We wanted a business that helped people to celebrate their special events from weddings to birthdays to supporting businesses and charities to host exciting events. 

How did you get into your enterprise? 

We were originally looking to set up a glamping site but as we set up in a lockdown it was tricky to get any type of funding to buy/rent land which is why we went into mobile events. I stayed with a family in Mongolia in 2017 and fell in love with yurts there. I love how light and airy the structures are, whilst also being cozy and comfortable. They’re such a unique space and we love helping people host their events in them. In early 2021 we then bought a glamping business to accompany our yurts and it’s been such a good combination of bell tent villages for people to stay in whilst using the yurts for their event. 

Do you have any challenges in your business? 

We have a couple of challenges limiting our growth at the minute which are storage and sites. We are limited on storage which means it’s difficult to scale up with more tents and larger structures. We are also wanting to do more pop-up sites or longer-term sites; however, land is a premium. 

What has been the most challenging thing about Covid for your business? 

The uncertainty. It makes it so difficult for customers to know when to plan things and whether to go ahead with their event. It makes it tricky for us when plans change last minute as we have to change the logistics. However, it’s also meant we’ve had a lot of last-minute bookings where people have had to move their event outdoors. 

What’s it like being a social entrepreneur? 

We are really focused on sustainability which is really important to us to be an example to both our customers and other businesses of considering the environment. We consider sustainability within all of our decisions and as a result have spent more on quality equipment that lasts longer, ditched single-use plastics, and offset our traveling through planting trees for our customers. 

Read more: https://sparkleupnorth.com/2021/11/05/carbon-neutral-companies-how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint-as-a-business-cop21/ 

What drives you? Inspires / motivates/ excites you? 

We get such a buzz when a customer tells us what an amazing time they’ve had and how well their event went. We love being a part of the build-up to something than hearing all of the stories after. We also have big plans for North Sky Yurts so we’re motivated to grow our business as well as grow ourselves through learning new skills. 

What do you hope for in the future? 

We’d love to have our own site where we can host incredible events and support more environmental charities. We’d also love to have an element of outdoor education for both adults and children. 

You can find them at 


Or on social media @northskyyurts 

If you have a start-up or social enterprise ideas that you have set up, we look forward to hearing from you follow us @sparkleupnorth or email your answers to the above questions to sparkleupnorth@gmail.com

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

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