“COMMUNITY IS QUEEN” for female founder and entrepreneur to one of the ‘most’ supportive business communities online 

It’s easy to see a woman on stage wrapped in a decadent independently designed dress with a sparkling smile to match her dazzling shoes and assume this powerhouse of a woman has got it all. A family, self-confidence, and a roaring audience of grateful clients alongside her booming business which has just held its annual Real Women Fashion Show event at the prestigious Royal Armouries in Leeds. 

But behind that multi-talented woman is a multi-faceted human being who was given the gauntlet of a challenging journey to be able to show up for herself and most importantly for Carron, is to stand up for her children and the cheerleading business community she created from “nothing.” 

Carron, the genius woman behind Simply Ladies Inc which is a rapidly expanding community of hundreds of female entrepreneurs, designed this success in “the worst time of her life.” 

Carron who lost the dad of her kids and partner suddenly, felt like she had had “everything I ever wanted – two babies and a soul mate,” felt like the “world was pulled” from under her feet. 

So how did she go from being grief-stricken to striding along her self-designed catwalk in the dazzling heels she wears today? 

Carron used her own transformation to be the vehicle to make a positive impact. And with children at home, the most accessible way to do this was to create her own community group online. 

“As women we are multi-faceted and we all need support around us to thrive in life and in business.

“In the depths of despair, I found the tool to repair myself was to champion others as we connected in our fight as women but also in starting enterprises which positively impact the world. 

“My mission is that I want women locally, nationally, and locally to be treated equally and as a whole In mind, body, and soul.” 

Carron does this in her own talented style to transform any woman who joins. 

“I offer life coaching, empowerment photo shoots, modeling opportunities for all women, business tips and social media management. But most of all I support each complex woman all on their own diverse journey to run their life, home, family, and in turn business – because she deserves to ‘have it all,’” explains trailblazing Carron. 

From a simple ‘Facebook group’ to empowering thousands of women online 

“The key is a community for success online and offline,” explains Carron who founded Simply Ladies inc to realize her dream of elevating all women to thrive via her supportive sisterhood online and through organising such empowerment events, photoshoots, and one-to-one life coaching sessions. 

How do you create a community? 

To foster this community of raving fans you need to “engage,” “be genuine,” and people will want to follow you, explains Carron who still runs this popular women-only facebook group – something she would have loved to access when being hit with bereavement. 

“Without this community, I don’t know where I’d be at today in life and in business, community is queen.” 

For more information on Simply Ladies, their awards show, and to join their growing yet closely-knitted community where “all women are welcome,” go to SimplyLadiesawards.com and follow them on social media @simplyladiesinc–

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