Candles Made to Last – Entrepreneurial Sisters Launch Candle Brand Doubling as Stunning Homeware in a Bid to Help Save the Planet

Candles Made to Last – Entrepreneurial Sisters Launch Candle Brand Doubling as Stunning Homeware in a Bid to Help Save the PlanetLifestyle brand Keep Candles is the brainchild of sisters Marnie and Olivia Walker who are on a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability with their eco-friendly dual-use candles. Two sisters, passionate about zero waste living, have created a range of handmade, sustainable candles which double as unique homeware products and are made from eco-friendly waxes.The multi-use range features candles in stunning hand dipped ceramic eggcupsmugsbowls, and glassware, all made with organic plant-based wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils. The beautiful candles are designed to last and can be refilled and repurposed as stand-out homeware pieces, ideal as thoughtful gifts, and perfect for entertaining with family or friends.
Keep Candles Egg Cup Rust Rim Candle
Customers can enjoy a break with a coffee or tea in the tall and classic mugs, wake up with eggs for breakfast in the hand thrown eggcups, serve delicious meals for the family from the bowl range, or even savour a Negroni cocktail in its namesake glass tumbler. Working from Marnie’s London home, the Keep Candles duo carefully hand pours every product into a 100% reusable container which has been lovingly sculpted by a Surrey potter. All products are then individually packaged in fully recyclable and compostable packaging and accompanied by a hand-written note. Both food and dishwasher safe, once used, each container can be given a new lease of life.The small British brand was founded due to the sisters’ drive to reduce waste from people throwing away used candle holders and stems from a lifetime of sustainable living. The sisters, who grew up in the countryside near Chester, say their parents ingrained a zero-waste ethos into them from an early age, as well as a love for nature and the wider world. Passionate about creating products which last a lifetime, Olivia and Marnie were clear from the start their range had to be sustainable, but still beautiful, and something customers would be proud to have in their homes or give as a gift to others.The brand was born in late 2020 when Marnie and Olivia were cleaning out their shared flat. Marnie comments: “We realised we had dozens of empty candle containers that couldn’t be reused, and you can only have so many pen pots! It just felt like such a waste. All of the holders were awkward shapes, not food or dishwasher safe, or covered in branding – there was a clear gap in the market for candles with reusable vessels.“We wanted to create products which were dual-use, to either be refilled and enjoyed again as candles or cleaned and used as homeware items. But we also knew we wanted the candles themselves to be sustainable, which is why we use coconut and rapeseed wax.”
Keep Candles Bowl Candle
Olivia explains why candle wax is often not as desirable as some companies claim, saying: “Lots of candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum, and synthetic fragrance oils which can release nasty toxins into your home when burnt. Even soy wax, which many believe to be the best vegan option, can be harmful to the environment. Recently, there has been a huge increase in demand for soy products, including wax, which has led to large scale deforestation in biodiverse regions such as the Amazon rainforest.“We made the conscious decision to use coconut and rapeseed wax, which we believe is one of the most environmentally friendly waxes on the market today. These waxes also have a really long burn time and a strong scent throw, which means the scent fills the room evenly and you can enjoy your candle for longer.“As a result, our products have a clean, non-toxic and beautiful burn and they don’t contribute to indoor pollution in your home.”
The Keep Candles bowl range has already proven very popular for alternative wedding table centre pieces, where the happy couple or even lucky guests can take home a genuinely useful and eco-friendly reminder of the wedding that will last for years.The products are available in a beautiful array of glazes from Peacock to Pistachio, Barley to Blush, and the bowl and mug range also feature a choice of scents, such as lavender and lime; orange, cedarwood and clove; and grapefruit and rosemary.  £1 of every order also goes to the charity
Olivia & Marnie Keep Candles Founders
Keep Candles can be purchased in a range of containers, from mugs to egg cups, and prices range from £16 to £135. Purchase here. Once the candle has burnt down, customers can empty any remaining wax using hot water and washing up liquid and remove the wick holder to be left with their homeware piece.
Keep Candles Mixed Product Image
About Keep Candles
Founded in 2020, Keep Candles is the brainchild of British sisters Olivia and Marnie Walker who are on a mission to help save the planet and reduce waste produced from the hundreds of thousands of decorative and scented candles burnt every year.Sharing a love of creating, the duo hand blend and pour 100% natural, plant-based wax into reusable, dishwasher and food safe containers which have been hand-crafted by a British potter, creating beautiful zero-waste, reusable candles.The Keep Candles range is free from paraffin and synthetic oils, and releases a clean burn using a mixture of coconut and rapeseed wax, cotton wicks and pure essential oils.Prices start from £16 and for every purchase £1 is donated to charity more information and to see the full range please visit

Press release and assets can be found here

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