From your camera roll to a book: Don’t let the memories waste away

By Shirin Tahmasebi

As another year passes with the world not being completely normal, we’ve found ourselves treasuring every moment that passes (that we are able to spend outdoors with our loved ones) making memories we won’t forget. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself taking a heap more pictures than I normally would to cherish these precious moments as the world opens up again.

Liat Ken Dor is the owner of Designed Memories, a company that helps you capture your special memories and have them safely placed in a beautifully organised photobook.

Liat has been in the graphic design business since 2008 but found her love for capturing moments through a lens, during her early days in high school.

“I was always the one with the camera, you know, for high school trips, with the family, with friends and things like that, I was always the one taking pictures. I also loved going to the shop to get the film developed, printing them off and putting them into photo albums.”

Soon after Liat began working in graphic design, she came to the realisation that the digital world was taking over and that not many people were keeping printed photo albums anymore. 

“When I began working in graphic design, it just made realise everything was turning into digital. So, what I do now is a continuation of what I’ve always loved to do, except it’s a digital version rather than a scrapbook.”

However, printing photos never seemed to stop in Liat’s household.

“We moved to the UK in 2008 and then started creating photobooks more frequently to send to my children’s grandparents. It was a way to show them where we live and what we do. My first born was only 3 months old when we left and she was sick, so they wanted to see her and to see how she developed. So, I took a lot of pictures and I put them into books and sent it to them, so they can be part of everything.”

Liat wondered if she was the only one who savoured these memories in such a way and how many people were sitting there with undeveloped film in their cameras. In more recent years, the smartphone allows us to not only take pictures there and then but also post them online for others to see. 

However, a lot of these photos go untouched for years and are left on phones for no one to see. 

“In the age of Smartphones, we take 1000s of pictures a day and then we just don’t do anything with them, we don’t really enjoy them. I always say, ‘You take pictures for a reason, it’s because you want to remember that moment and you want to enjoy those memories.”

So why leave them in your camera roll?

I think as humans we look back on our photos to remember the good times and the fun we had, particularly when feeling down. It’s almost a form of self-therapy that can be easily accessed. 

“You don’t take photos of sad or bad things, you only take photos of good things, so when you look back, it’s almost like a gratitude exercise because it’s focusing on the good. So, I think if you’re in a bad mood or feel, you look back at memories and you think, ‘Oh, that was such a lovely day.’ It will make you feel a bit better.”

Liat sees photos as a way to remind yourself of all the good in your life and can create a safe place through the sadder moments. 

“When someone dies, the first thing you do is start to dig up all the photos and to keep hold of memories of that person and keep them close to you. That’s proof if just how important photos are.”

With Designed Memories, Liat offers multiple formats and themes that allow you to bring your book to life.

When working with Liat, the first thing a customer would need to do is choose a theme, like Back to School, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and so on. They would then select the photos they want for the book, Liat can help with that daunting task too!

“If the theme was going to be summer. I’d say let’s talk about your holiday photos, maybe. Obviously, you want your favourite photos from the trip, but you want to try to tell a story. I always advice customers to take pictures of the journey as well, for example: getting ready in the morning, a picture of the suitcases, pictures of the journey to show if it’s a train, car or plane. You might like to have a picture of the hotel and the surrounding areas of where you are staying. Obviously, you’ll need pictures of when you visit places and significant points throughout the holiday. Finally, make sure you include the fun photos of the kids being silly and things like that.”

I’m sure we can relate to being guilty of having an extortionate number of pictures on our camera roll that we just don’t go back to very often.

A photobook is a more beautiful way to enjoy those photos in the moment with your family and friends. 

If you’re interested in getting your own photobook printed you can find the Designed Memories website and socials below:



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