Life after grief: losing and finding yourself through holistic therapy

By Shirin Tahmasebi

Life took its toll on Natural Transformation Founder, Diana Tyson, after she experienced two
heart-breaking miscarriages while working in printing.

When she started to recognise there was a link between her troubled pregnancies and the stress, anxiety, long hours and demands within her job, she decided that something needed to change.

“I pushed to be referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) in Leeds, because I had questions. I wanted answers, why did I miscarry? Two is just too many.”

“I had various tests, which confirmed Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – meaning I have a hormonal imbalance. They were hopeful that having weekly injections early in my pregnancy would help maintain the correct levels of hormones to continue to full term.”

Diana wanted so much to be pregnant, but the stress of the miscarriages and juggling a demanding
job created a negative mindset. In turn, that affected her physical health and mental well-being.

“I thought to myself; why does my husband stay with me? I felt it wasn’t fair that he had to deal with my negative rollercoaster of emotions, it was my body’s fault!”

These negative thoughts intruded Diana’s mind and this is when she made a real change in her life.

“I decided to get my mind and body in tune, balanced and communicating positively together. My mum recommended reflexology and bought me gift vouchers for a session close to my home Cross Gates, Leeds.”

“Right from the very first appointment, I felt the amazing, positive effects of reflexology. I
immediately felt calmer, slept better and had significantly less symptoms of Premenstrual Tension

“I had increased positivity, motivation and energy. This was a major game changer.”

“I realised that time-out is so important to recharge and rebalance yourself, so I continued to have monthly reflexology and Reiki sessions. Self-care is a really important investment.”

Diana Tyson, Founder of Natural Transformation

Pulling through the challenging times

She found her way through her darker days, with the help of Holistic therapy.

The word holistic means: ‘treating the person as a whole, mind and body, not just one symptom’.

This helped Diana recognise that her miscarriages weren’t her fault and didn’t reflect on her
body the way she thought it did.

With the support of the doctors and nurses in the EPU Unit, plus the many benefits from Reflexology and Reiki, she felt mentally and physically in a better place.

She soon became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and then, two years later, (with the help of the EPU and Holistic therapy again) her son was born.

Her son’s birth, however was traumatic and stressful. He was born six weeks early via an emergency caesarean section, after which he was placed into neo-natal care for the first month of his life.

Through all of this, Diana unfortunately did not realise that she was experiencing something many mums face after childbirth: Postnatal Depression.

“Once again, I turned to holistic therapies, particularly, Reflexology, Reiki and Crystal Therapy, for
my low mood and energy levels.”

“It helped balance my hormones but, on reflection, I should have spoken to health care professionals as well.”

The lightbulb moment

It was while Diana was demonstrating Reflexology to one of her friends, when a great idea come to mind.

“My friend said to me, ‘You have so much knowledge about Holistic therapies, particularly Reflexology, Reiki and Crystals, why don’t you train in it?”

“Your passion is clearly helping others gain the many benefits you’ve felt, so you could make this your business, to provide therapies for people.”

And so it began…

Students from Diana’s Natural Transformation Training school

From grief to work

Diana’s interest in Holistic Therapy began when she attended White Rose College of Health and Beauty, qualifying in Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Hopi-ear candle, gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage and many more.

Also during this time, Diana trained in the beautiful energy therapy Reiki One and Two with her Reiki
Master in Sandsend.

“I just absolutely found my passion. I realised that, emotionally, a lot of things manifest in your
body and you’ve got to relax the mind and the body at the same time.”

Two years of intensive training led Diana to become the on-site therapist for a large corporate bank
in Leeds, to date she has been there for 16 years and is still providing therapies.

Over the subsequent years, Diana really immersed herself into the world of holistic therapy.

She found herself hungry for learning and this is where her idea for her business, Natural Transformation, emerged: she decided provide training as well as therapies.

“I decided right then, let’s provide therapies and training for everyone, particularly women and
parents who are trying to juggle so many things.”

Even during the pandemic, and the stop-and-start of lockdown restrictions, she continued to grow, providing some
therapies on-line, due to not being able to provide physical therapies because she knew how important self-help techniques would be during these difficult times.

She also continued to develop in Holistic Therapies, becoming a Reiki Master and adding services such as Seichem One, Two and Three (Master), Crystal Therapy, The Five Awakenings Sequence and Egyptian Cartouche.

She then went on to intuitively create and develop her own therapy called Natural Transformation Therapy (NTT).

Finding ways to help more and more people

Diana had another idea to open the Natural Transformation Training School, providing courses for therapist’s to gain practitioner qualifications, or for anyone wishing to enjoy the therapies for personal development.

The training school, and all courses, are approved and affiliated with The Healer Foundation, The British Complimentary Medicine Association (BCMA) and Holistic Insurance.

“My own experience and also feedback from my clients and students shows that sometimes we don’t want to admit we’re struggling – and that creates vulnerability.”

“We feel we’re supposed to be superheroes, providing support for so many people, but this pressure becomes too much. We
become emotionally and physically tired, our batteries are running low. Asking for help is a strength,
not a weakness and this is what we need to understand.”

Diana is also aware how big social media has become and the impact it can have on our mental health.

“We live in a different world from our parents, even from when she was a new mum, times have changed and we have had to find ways to adapt to this.

“Recently all age groups have had to use social media so much more to keep-up-to date with communication for work, schools and family members.”

” I provide therapies to help people overcome the challenges they’ve faced to arrive at a solution. I’m
very much a person-centred therapist, not one-size-fits-all”

Getting back on her feet

While going through the menopause, Diana has recently lost four very close family members.

“Recently, I lost my amazing stepdad, who was really the Dad I would have chosen. And I lost my
lovely mother-in-law four months ago too.”

“Grief is a huge minefield and rollercoaster of emotions.”

While the menopause has been hard for Diana, grief has been harder, the loss has reminded her
how she felt so low after her miscarriages.

So, Diana is learning once again to slow down, reconnect with self-help, self-healing, self-care and taking valuable time out for holistic therapies, to help her through and recharge her batteries in these difficult times.

A lesson to us all that self-care is an ongoing journey.

“I am very lucky to have my family and friends for support and fortunately know some great therapists to call on.”

Diana also reflected on how she truly enjoys providing training, seeing the positive ripple effects on the students’ lives and all who they practice the therapies on.

“It is almost like there is a magnet, drawing like-minded people to me. My clients and students have said they really resonate and connect with me, which helps them get the best from the therapies and training. They leave feeling relaxed, rebalanced and calm.”

Natural Transformation provides both physical and talking therapies. People who have attended say that it is a calm and nurturing, safe space.

Finding the right therapy and therapist for you is so helpful, Diana will happily work with you to transform the challenges you face to arrive at solutions.

She understands first-hand the many struggles of juggling social and educational pressures on everyone, especially on women and children.

She knows this is a daily battle and believes it’s about how we transform these thoughts and free our minds – which is what her therapies and trainings are all about.

Her focus is helping you recharge your batteries and take time out for you because self-care is so important and, as Mums, we don’t do that often enough.

Diana shared this quote, which we loved: “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds that space for you, while you awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself” Maryam Hasnaa.

She has also shared some simple tips for us all to try:

If are if you are short of time to relax, a simple ten-minute meditation can do wonders. Try:

1. Walking in nature

2. Standing with your face in the autumn sun

3. Grounding, by walking or standing barefoot on the grass in your garden

Whatever helps you to relax!

Follow Diana’s social media’s to find out more about what she does to help herself and others:

Email :
Mobile : 07951 506407

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Diana for being so vulnerable with us and sharing
her beautifully inspiring story.

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