Life after grief: losing and finding yourself through holistic therapy

By Shirin Tahmasebi

Life took its toll on Healer Foundation founder, Diana Tyson, after she experienced two heart-breaking miscarriages while working in printing. Diana recognised the emotional and physical stress her responsible job was causing her and decided that something needed to change.

Trying to understand

Diana began visiting the early pregnancy unit in order to get answers as to why she had miscarried twice 

“I then pushed for going to the early pregnancy unit, because I had questions. I wanted answers, why did I miscarry? Two is just too many. 

So, I now have various tests and confirmed polycystic ovary syndrome, which means that there’s a hormone that I miss that when I fall pregnant, I have to have injections for it.”

You would think after hearing this news and gaining this diagnosis would allow Diana to feel relieved as she could still very much have children. But as a woman there are various expectations of us and baring children is one of them, these pressures fell hard on her mental health.

“I thought to myself; why does my husband stay with me? My body’s faulty”

These negative thoughts intruded Diana’s mind, and this is where she saw a real change in her life. 

“I decided I needed to get my mind and my body started to talk to one another. So that’s when I started having reflexology. And wow, that was a huge change.”

Diana Tyson, Founder of Healer Foundation

Pulling through

She found her way through her darker days with the help of holistic therapy – therapy for helping with stress and relaxation. This helped Diana recognise that her reasoning for miscarrying wasn’t a fault of hers and didn’t reflect on her body the way she thought it did.

Now that Diana had the support of the doctors and nurses, she had less stress on her plate when it came to eventually getting pregnant with her son. However, she and baby boy had quite the traumatic birth after he came six weeks earlier than expected. Diana then experienced something many mums face after childbirth – postpartum depression. 

“I turned to Holistic Therapist helped me with my hormones, with the baby blues because they were there”

This is where one of Diana’s friends sparked that blown out lightbulb in her head, back to life. 

“One of my friends said to me you know so much stuff about holistic therapies about aroma therapy about it then how to help kids how to help there is help. So why don’t you train in it?”

And so it began…

Diana spent two years training as a Holistic Therapist

From grief to work

Diana attended White Rose therapist school on Saturdays to start her training as a Holistic Therapist. This is where she learned her techniques such as a Swedish massage, Reflexology and Aroma therapy. 

“I just absolutely found my passion and I realised that emotionally, a lot of things manifest in your body. And so, you’ve got to relax the mind and the body at the same time”

Two years of training led Diana to become a therapist for her bank. Beginning as an on-site therapist 16 years ago to now completing her work online during the pandemic. 

Through her work, Diana realised that training other people could be a possibility for her as she had always wanted to be a teacher but hadn’t the right qualifications for the job. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop her, Diana decided to start training as a teacher.

“And then I just want my fifth passion, that just totally ignites because you just go Wow. 

So, I trained Reiki one two and three. I do Sikkim, one, two and three. I do, Egyptian, teach, I do crystal therapy training.”

Diana really dug herself into the world of not only holistic therapy, but many others. She found herself hungry for learning and never wanted to stop and this is where her idea for her company ‘The Healer Foundation’ started.

“I decided right. You know, let’s provide therapies for women. Let’s provide talking therapies for women, but also for parents who are just absolutely juggling so many things.

Sometimes we don’t want to admit more vulnerable. We don’t want to admit we’re not caught because we’ve got this innate thing that we’re supposed to be super women. And that comes from pressure we put on ourselves”

The Healer Foundation focuses on Holistic healing, however offers many other types of therapies.

Diana then went on to explain how social media has created this added pressure not only on mums but also on their children. She talked about how we are living in a different world as the one she and her fellow mums grew up in, times have changed, and we need to adapt to that. 

“I want to be able to supply all the things that I have to my kids, but we’re also in a different world than what our moms were in the social media is huge. There’s a lot more pressure on kids, and ourselves, because we’re multitasking at this humongous amount of rain.”

Diana now has her own training school which allows the people who attend to feel acknowledged and safe. 

“I want to pry find solutions to the challenges that they’re facing, to their individual challenges. 

I’m very much a person-centred therapist. Not one size fits all”

Getting back on her feet

While going through the menopause, this year alone Diana has lost two people close to her.

“I lost my dad, eight months ago, and I lost my mother-in-law two months ago. Grief is a huge minefield and rollcall streetstyle. However, I suppose you’re not given anything that you’re not supposed to learn from. It’s a hard lesson to learn. It’s not an easy lesson to learn.”

While the menopause has been hard for Diana, grief has been harder. Despite the fact, she has taken this time to learn how to ‘recharge her batteries’ and take time for herself instead of letting that stress get to her.

“The tools in my toolkit, allow me to step back a little and say right okay, I need to recharge my batteries.”

Diana has found through her therapy training and sessions with clients, that her peers resonate with her more than she knew. It is ‘almost like there is a magnet’, drawing like-minded people to you.

“You then get people saying, you know a guy you really resonated with what you said about this. And, and I totally get it. It might just be a 10-minute meditation, somebody guiding I do a lot of guided meditations for people. And it might be just reconnecting with nature, it could be just walking barefoot on the grass in the back garden.”

Diana believes these tie in with juggling the social and educational pressures women and children feel on a daily basis, it’s about how we ‘transform those thoughts and free our minds’.

She then went on to tell us about a technique that she loves to use herself, called Hamas. This technique allows you to open your mind and cool off when you’re maybe feeling angry or frustrated. 

Look out for a detailed description of the meditation we did with Diana in a future post.

Speaking to Diana has opened up a full world of holistic therapy that we didn’t know about. Do you think this is something you would be interested in trying?

Follow Diana’s social media’s to find out more about what she does to help herself and others:


We would also like to say a massive thank you to Diana for being so vulnerable with us and sharing her beautifully inspiring story.

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