A West Yorkshire fashion designer and stylist has seen her unique activewear range, which embraces every woman’s body and style, in huge demand this season. Summer is when she would normally be swamped with bespoke swimwear and party dress orders. 

But the Leeds-born, Kirklees based ‘instagram-famous’ fashion house has had a makeover too by creating a special summer wardrobe of workout wear to meet demand! 

Swimwear, holiday clothes and packing essentials are normally top of our shopping list at the moment, but as we lunge into a very different style of Summer of staycations, one Yorkshire designer has seen a staggering shift to people instead  shopping for her activewear. 

West Yorkshire fashion designer Jordan Wake, who specialises in tailor-made styles to suit every woman, would normally be measuring people for holiday outfits and partywear, has instead launched her third activewear line of the last year due to the huge demand in her clients now “wanting summer workout gear instead of Sangria-ready sarongs!” 

Leeds-born Jordan, who runs Wake Bespoke from her ‘Pink Palace’ HQ in Cleckheaton town centre, styles every woman from travelling TV stars to traffic wardens, says: “Whilst we would normally be finishing off prom dresses, creating confidence-boosting bespoke bikinis for all bodies, because everybody is a beach body, and party wear, has instead been overwhelmed with demand for her Lockdown love of sourcing the best activewear to suit all of our changing needs… from lounging around at home to more people than ever working out at home. 

She said: “It’s wonderful to see women all over Yorkshire and those who travel to me from further afar, seizing this challenging period by shifting their Summer plans to staying active whether that be at home or on holiday in the UK. 

“The great thing about my ‘athleisure’ line for my Workout with Wake brand, is that it combines comfort with style, and is suitable to wear at home or to go on those Summer strolls and staycations.” 

28-year-old Jordan, who has amassed a following of more than 50,000 online has herself swapped her summer wardrobe in favour of her new line of bright tie dye activewear and summery coloured tracksuits which she wears to the gym, on dog walks or at work. 

She is normally known for her extravagant dresses and occassionwear, and whilst she is still fulfilling a steady demand for this, it seems that people are on a mission to use these months to move more at home in the UK instead. 

Jordan who began designing clothes from her grandma’s attic in the suburb of Leeds as a shot teen, jokes: 

“We may not always get the same sun of Sydney but Scarborough and Scunthorpe will be our replacement for Muscle Beach this year! 

“It feels like we are utilising that Australian-style trend of athletic wear being the norm to wear out and about.

“Not to mention your motivation levels when you can work, move and go out in our special collection.” 

And whilst it’s a relief to see that business is in booming instead of down turning which I think most independents have feared at some point this past year, I am just ecstatic that our many multi-faceted female customers are staying focused in feeling-good whatever this season will bring.” 

Workout with Wake not only caters for more of us working out from home than ever before, or vowing to get fit, but Jordan has proved that workout clothing can help improve positivity and empower peak performance in work, life, home and outdoors. 

Jordan herself understands this as someone who runs businesses, enjoys socialising, personal development and has a range of interests from Ibiza island-hopping to winding down on family walks in her local park aims to help all women embrace their unique beauty and wear whatever makes them-feel good. 

The ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Fashion Designer of the Year’ says: “As a family-run business we all wear my ranges from my young niece to my Grandma, the great thing about my designs and off the rack lines is that I create and curate everything for the individual.

“That said we do love my twinning ranges too.” 

Wake Bespoke has seen an astronomical growth since it launched 5 years ago, relocating it’s rooftop HQ in Leeds City Centre to a three-storey shop in Cleckheaton town centre will always keep its humble Yorkshire roots whilst also creating a huge online community of women worldwide. 

Jordan herself is looking forward to Summer thanks to a positive mindset and a love of living her life her way, like a lot of the women she styles inside out. 

She says in her Leeds accent: “I have been using the Pandemic for making the most of working online and giving myself plenty of time for personal development coaching so that I can be in the best shape mentally and physically to support as many women from all walks of life to dress, work, live and love themselves inside out.” 

Jordan’s own diary this year she says also reflects her own transformation as well that she sees in a lot of women who love her holistic approach to design clothes for them inside out, will be participating outdoor pursuits such as Tough Mudder as well preparing to make her first appearance and compete at a beauty pageant. 

“Life is more than what you wear, it’s how you feel inside, which is why we try to coach, consult and care for each customer not just to style for her body but for her mind too. 

“Our clothes, life journey and frame of mind, is so important. Focusing on my holistic style has helped me too from going from a shy and unconfident young woman who battled to ‘fit in’ to today where I feel so good in embracing who I am and I see all of me as assets. Flaws and all. 

I am just a real woman. And we are all wonder women, I just want you to feel it too and move with confidence and power within!” 

Wake Bespoke offers a range of consultations in store and online as well as off the hanger designer wear to tailor-made Bridal wear and loungewear. 

Jordan is also busy preparing for the annual Leeds-based Simply Ladies Fashion Show which celebrates real women loving themselves and lavish designs as they are welcome to walk down the catwalk and attend a lavish ceremony in September. 

She adds: Here at Wake and all of our sisterhood want you to feel empowered, strong and comfortable whilst looking and feeling fabulous. “Bossing your own personality which can come from wearing the right clothes to suit you because you are unique and perfect as you are! It is about you feeling empowered to live your life your way with passion, power and to achieve peak performance in all of your loves… starts with believing in yourself and we can be your community who will love you inside out!” 

Independent Fashion house Wake Bespoke designs tailor-made clothing for special occasions from weddings to proms, from parties to events. Whether you’re strutting down a red carpet in a ball gown or you’re active around the house… all women deserve to feel the best, wear the best and most of all be their best selves. 

  • Tailor-made Clothing for special occasions  (Wedding dresses, Mother-of-the-bride, Bridesmaids, and bespoke designs for any occasion)
  • Couture Outfits and Costumes (As seen on TV and the Red Carpet) 
  • Ready-to-Wear Collections (from Party wear to activewear and loungewear) 

You can shop now for Wake Bespoke’s latest collections via the boutique section on their website, by going to: https://www.wakebespoke.co.uk/ or you can opt for made to measure services, all done online for the  time being. 

You can also follow Wake Bespoke on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @wakebespoke. 

Wake Bespoke’s new premise is located at 51 Northgate, Cleckheaton, BD19 3HS.

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