How to connect on LinkedIn

Have you wondered why you may not be connecting as much on LinkedIn as perhaps you should? Here’s some ideas of how you can be better:

Find people to sell to , not take from

first 65 characters of first line under your name- what are you going to do for me?

Make sure first characters count, try not to say “I help” as too many people do that now.

People don’t want to do work with corporate companies now.

One thing you must do is come over like a real person

Selling is not wrong it’s the frequency we do it

Connecting is like a handshake and business card.  Mimic what you’d do in the real world on LinkedIn

Tips on how to connect

Be yourself

Once connected you don’t need to use an in mail/build relationship first

There is a way of writing a sales post that goes under the spam filter

You can comment and like other people’s posts

Your posts are spam-checked

  1. Spam   
  2. Suspect  – if there’s any words it doesn’t like
  3. Clear 
  4. Tip 1:  Be in your posts-  build resonance
  5. Search for target market

Search for target market, second degree connections

Connecting with people

Linkedin says only connect with people you know

You’ve got to take part and say Hi

Commenting on people’s posts

People read comments if you’ve said something interesting

What’s possible?

Connecting- Profile view- Post views, Comments and sales

Insight 1

Sell less frequently

Insight 2

Be yourself MUCH more.  Take your corporate hat off and explain about yourself.

Insight 3

Treat LinkedIn like a networking event

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