PODCAST TIPS: How to start and boss your podcast like a pro 

PODCAST TIPS: How to start and boss your podcast like a pro 

  1. Consume
    Listen to a variety of podcasts and take notes on elements you like or you think could be improved. 
  2. Plan
    What do you want to create? Why? What’s your passion and area of expertise? How is it going to look and write a rough structure 9this will save on editing time) 
  3. Schedule
    “A goal without a plan is just a wish” make a realistic schedule so you can stick to it and also how you are going to deliver and record it. 
  4. Create in bulk 

Set up your mic or phone or software e.g. zoom for a vodcast. I prefer to create podcasts and vlogs in bulk to save time so once I am in the flow so I do several. 

  1. Edit

Either pay an editor, collaborate with someone or there’s plenty of free software to edit. But the time is saved in the planning and the recording so it is easier to edit as you go, or at least take notes. 

  1. Host
    Find a hosting platform as this is how it is easier to share on all platforms I use and like Buzzsprout: https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=1420630 (affiliate link) 
  2. Publish
    Just go for it. It’s better to publish something than nothing. You will evolve and refine in time. 
  3. Promote
    Share with relevant people and communities/groups. Also look for collaborations. And encourage people to leave reviews if they enjoy it
    I create a mental health and wellbeing Recovery Road Podcast, you can find it here: https://mamamei.co.uk
Recovery Road by Sophie Mei Lan #RecoveryRoad @mamameiblog

Tips: Start as cheaply as possible until you know what you want to do so you can focus on serving people and enjoying it because it’s your passion rather than worry about selling and making money back. 

“Telling is not selling

Selling is in the words

Buying is in the silence”

How to start a Podcast for free (ish) 

  • Create a free sound booth at home by using a room with lots of furnishings inside to avoid echo (and try make sure everything other than your recording equipment is turned off e.g. cooker/washing machine. 
  • For voice overs, put a duvet over your head (obviously so you can breathe too! But it gives a vocal booth effect). 
  • You can use voice memo/notes on your phone to record or use air pods to record if you don’t have a mic (I use a rode mic and attach to phone or zoom if I am recording quickly). 
  • If i am recording over skype/zoom etc you can use quicktime to also record it for better quality. Also I always ask guests to record the video too so I can make a vlog and podcast. I also find eye contact helps with a good conversation/interview. 
  • Start simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. You learn from practice. 
  • Use free trials of apps and hosts if necessary but always be aware the difference between ‘free apps’ and ‘freemium’ (the latter is where it is free to start and then you have to pay at some point so these can be frustrating so alway research first e.g. Buzzsprout uses this model but I was aware and that was the platform I had been recommended most so I only tried that one and found it easy enough). 
  • DIY your own promotion/PR/sharing 
  • Remember podcasts are brilliant for ‘macro’ pieces of content which you can break down into micro pieces of content e.g. social media posts.

Peace, Love and Sparkles 

Sophie Mei Lan 

Aka @thesparklecoach 

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